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Doug Grimsted - CEO

Doug Grimsted is an industry pioneer whose career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of using data and analytics to revolutionize how businesses compete. From his early days at Micro Database Systems (MDBS), the creators of the world’ts first client-server relational database, Doug has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. 

In the 90s, he collaborated with a team of seasoned professionals to form an ANSI committee aimed at standardizing Xbase, the language powering Foxpro, Clipper, and Dbase III. As the CEO of Geneer, he led the development and management of software delivery analytics tools for many of Nielsen’s data products, further solidifying his leadership in the data analytics field. 

At Aginity, Doug made significant strides in transforming business forecasting. Under his guidance, the team developed DemandView, a pioneering demand signal system used by Kroger for inventory forecasting and supplier collaboration. Aginity also made a significant leap in the field of Enterprise Analytics Management with the introduction of their Analytics Management Platform (AMP). This innovative tool, sold globally by IBM, is now a staple in large enterprises like Kroger, Catalina Marketing, Kohl’s, and Coca-Cola, helping them manage their enterprise-wide analytics. 

Doug’s leadership and innovative drive have seen him recognized repeatedly in the industry. His accolades include the KPMG Illinois High Tech Award, induction into the Chicago/NW Indiana Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, and being a finalist for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1999 and 2000. He has also had the honor of serving as the Chairman of a database ANSI Committee. 

Currently, as the CEO of SignalRadar, Doug brings his vast experience and innovative mindset to bear. He is known for his knack for anticipating industry trends and creating companies that leverage these trends to gain a competitive edge. His leadership at SignalRadar is no different, where he’s guiding the team to provide businesses with forward-looking, data-driven insights that transform their decision-making process. 

Doug holds a degree in Industrial Management with a minor in Industrial Engineering and Finance from Purdue University. His academic background combined with his industry expertise make him a force to reckon with in the realm of data-driven business forecasting and analytics. 

Wayne Levy

Wayne Levy‘s career in big data and analytics extends back to the last century, and his passion for these fields has only grown with time. Now as an advisor at SignalRadar, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. 

At the University of Chicago, Wayne specialized in quantitative methods and Just In Time supply chains, particularly in Japanese Companies. He then moved on to Needham Harper and Steers (later DDB Needham) where he developed media tracking, market allocation, and media optimization models. At Heinz USA, Wayne was instrumental in the development of an online sales and marketing reporting system, and he introduced the first baseline and incremental sales algorithm at Nielsen, which became a major component of their product line. 

Wayne co-founded Efficient Market Services (EMS), where he served as CTO and later CEO. EMS was the pioneer of the first daily reporting system for sales, expected sales, incremental sales, and sales drivers, covering over 4,000 grocery stores across the US. Under his leadership, EMS saw its annual revenue from CPG customers reach $24 million. 

As an independent consultant, Wayne developed a store-level sales forecasting system for industry giants like PepsiCo, Pepsi Bottling, and Anheuser-Busch. This system informed distribution center requirements and transportation logistics. 

Wayne’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Market6, which became the hub for store, division, and chain sales and sales driver information for Kroger and its 1,500 suppliers. As CTO and CEO at Market6, Wayne oversaw the creation of daily updated forecasts and actuals for all 2,600+ Kroger stores, a system that was subsequently acquired by Kroger. 

Beyond SignalRadar, Wayne advises Talinity, an AI-driven talent acquisition firm, and is working on a new grocery store concept aimed at serving underserved urban low-income markets. His innovative approach to grocery retailing combines the best of in-store and online shopping, making it a viable option in urban environments. 

With his extensive background in analytics, forecasting, and CPG, Wayne brings a unique perspective to the SignalRadar team. His innovative thinking and proven track record make him an invaluable asset as we strive to redefine business forecasting. 

Larry Burns

Larry Burns is a seasoned professional whose expertise intersects the realms of Marketing Technology, Data Science, Human Behavior, and Practical Promotions. His hands-on experience with these disciplines started long before they became buzzwords, making him a true veteran in the field. 

As the long-serving CEO of the pioneering digital marketing firm StartSampling, Inc., Larry led the company through a period of substantial growth, earning a place on Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies list. His role required in-depth knowledge of client and retailer data systems, as integrating data within various customer, agency, and data provider platforms was a routine task. His leadership contributed to the creation and maintenance of the first cross-retailer platform for online sample request activities, integrating major retailers like Walmart. 

Prior to StartSampling, Larry was known for his role at IRI, overseeing the InfoScan™ brand as the head of the Product Management Group. Under his leadership, the brand experienced significant revenue growth, and he was instrumental in transitioning from a sample-based share tracking system to a census-based system in the United States. This innovative shift, among others, helped secure IRI’s position as a market share leader. 

Larry’s career started in the CPG industry, serving in marketing research roles at Heinz USA, Cadbury Beverages, Pepperidge Farm, and General Foods. Here, he honed his skills in synthesizing syndicated, custom, and internal data to inform strategic decision-making. 

Now, as the COO of SignalRadar, Larry brings his extensive experience in data systems and CPG industry knowledge to the table. His strong background in marketing technology and data science is integral to SignalRadar’s mission to transform business forecasting and decision-making. 

Larry holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Alfred University. His unique combination of scientific understanding and industry-specific knowledge makes him a crucial asset to SignalRadar, where data-driven insights and practical application intersect. 

Mike Cacicio

Mike Cacicio, the Head of Business Development at SignalRadar, is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in operations, client services, and new business development. He brings a deep understanding of market dynamics, customer needs, and analytic mission design, making him an integral part of the SignalRadar team. 

Mike’s journey in the data and analytics industry began at Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), where he spent over 17 years holding various managerial and executive roles. He played a crucial role in scaling IRI from a startup to a global leader in innovative product and brand management research services. Throughout his career, Mike has provided consultancy services to almost every major consumer packaged goods manufacturer, retailer, business-to-business marketers, and consulting firms. 

In 2003, Mike founded Make It Happen Now, a firm dedicated to helping startups and established organizations tackle immediate mission-critical issues in marketing and sales. This venture further demonstrated Mike’s knack for identifying gaps and providing strategic solutions. 

Before joining SignalRadar, Mike served as a Partner at Slack and Company, a global B2B integrated marketing communications agency. He spearheaded research activities, agency expansion through new business development programs, and the establishment of strategic partnerships. Mike maintains an active advisory board position with Slack and Company. 

His leadership prowess was further showcased as President/COO of USA Chicago, Inc., a leading B2B marketing communication firm specializing in the packaging, technology, publishing, and food ingredients industries. Here, he orchestrated the merger of USA Chicago with Slack and Company, further solidifying his reputation as a strategic thinker and leader. 

Mike continues to share his expertise as an advisor to executive management teams at Message Wrap Conveyor Belt Advertising, Newlio Market Research, Slack and Company, and the Hollingsworth Media Group. At SignalRadar, his strategic insights and business development expertise are key in driving our mission of offering the best business forecasting solutions to our clients. 

Michael P Curran

Michael P. Curran, SignalRadar’s Senior Advisor, boasts over 25 years of experience in technology commercialization, making him an invaluable asset to our team. His impressive portfolio spans roles as an operating executive, corporate strategist, and venture capital investor, primarily within the insurance sector. 

Michael has an illustrious past as the former Director of Strategic Development for the Allstate Corporation (NYSE:ALL), where he managed a $90 million corporate venture capital portfolio and negotiated strategic alliances. His leadership skills and strategic foresight have played a critical role in driving growth and innovation in a series of analytics, software, and service companies serving the P&C and Life & Health industries. 

His presidential tenure at CPS Holdings LLC, a firm handling a $400M portfolio of medical malpractice runoff, exemplifies his proficiency in navigating complex business landscapes. Further, Michael served as President at Quantitative Data Solutions and Magnify Financial Services. Both these companies experienced successful acquisitions by Aegon (NYSE: AEG) and Choicepoint (NYSE: CPS) respectively, under his leadership. 

Michael’s academic background is as impressive as his professional journey. He holds a BA in Political Science from Wittenberg University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. A frequent industry lecturer, Michael shares his insights and knowledge, contributing to the growth and development of the broader technology and analytics industry. 

At SignalRadar, Michael’s deep industry knowledge, strategic insights, and extensive experience in the commercialization of technology are instrumental in steering our strategic direction and ensuring the successful implementation of our business forecasting solutions. 


"The unique thing about SignalRadar is how easy it is for our company to quickly understand and put to use the insights they provide. They speak to us in our business context and language "

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