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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we are hearing and we hope these answers help you.

Why do we describe SignalRadar as a tool to "Unleash the Power of Predictive Intelligence with AI-Driven Insights and Business Guidance"?

SignalRadar has pioneered the use of Large Language Model  Generative AI, to explain what drives every SignalRadar forecast, so we don’t merely predict and forecast – we also provide understanding.  By articulating the forces, trends, headwinds, and tailwinds that shape each forecast, we offer digestible and actionable insights that do unleash greater understanding.  You can now equip your executives with an unprecedented grasp of the near future, providing additional guidance to enable smarter, more informed decision-making.

What makes SignalRadar unique?

Managing the impacts of external forces on KPIs can be complex. SignalRadar’s AI capabilities illuminate these influences, providing a clear understanding for strategic decision-making,

SignalRadar lets you transition from conventional predictive modeling to a more comprehensive understanding of your business environment. Our platform hosts millions of curated exogenous signals, and our advanced generative AI algorithms produce contextual, human-comprehensible explanations of the forecast we offer as well as all the relevant trends influencing its direction.  This innovative approach provides richer guidance for your unique business environment, enabling a more fully informed perspective and enhanced decision making.


How often is the SignalRadar database updated?

Data sources all have a time dimension, the most common frequencies of update being either daily, weekly or monthly with certain sources having other variations as well.  As new data is made available our pipelines update the databases so we are refreshing continually.    Each evening we update the trend detection monitoring we perform on the most recent data available for each feature.    Since our standard approach is to reforecast customer key performance metrics each week the headwinds, tailwinds and influences we uncover reflect the most current data available.   

What data sources are represented in the SignalRadar database?

Our platform hosts millions of curated data signals provided by hundreds of data providers.   We are constantly increasing the sources and providers we access, a majority of the sources are ‘public’, created by governmental or industry organizations and other providers who offer their data signals to help people better understand their world.   For an updated listing see our ‘Resources’ section in the footer of this site.  Our sources are constantly expanding as new data signals are integrated .

How Do I Get Started With SignalRadar?

To begin, first  think about the key performance metrics you want to begin with.   It should be something you suspect is influenced by external factors.  The format needs to be some sort of a time series measure, on a daily, weekly, monthly or other time scale.  Our preference it for 3 years of history ( if available) to permit our engines to examine influencing factors over several seasonal cycles.  A simple CSV with the metric over time is what we need to begin.  Contact us using the email form above to arrange for us to recieve your data and start the process.

Is SignalRadar a SaaS product?

SignalRadar is a user-friendly SaaS tool for more fully informed business analysis.  Simply subscribe each KPI to SignalRadar and let our AI do the heavy lifting. We analyze, engineer, and deliver monthly trend analyses using generative AI, offering you a transparent, human-comprehensible view of the forces influencing your business.

Seamlessly integrate our predictive intelligence platform into your operational,  CFO or business intelligence systems

How can I access this business guidance you offer?

Experience insights and guidance in three accessible ways.    On the web by navigating through a web-based heatmap with extensive drill-down capabilities and analytic tools.    Using an Excel spreadsheet that provides access to trend analysis data in a familiar user-friendly format.   Or using API’s to incorporate insights and guidance directly into your existing business intelligence platform.

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